Restorol Sleep Aid Review

Last Updated: March 2021 |
4.6 / 5.0


Restorol is an all star performer that has been a staple in the shift worker community for sometime now. A shift worker is anyone who works outside of the 9am - 6pm work day. These poor sleepless souls may get home at 2am and often have difficulty winding down after a hectic night. Human biology is not designed to follow these unconventional hours for long periods and it can wreak havoc on sleep patterns. If Restorol can help these types of difficult sleep cases we figure it can take on most others.

The Restorol Difference

It goes without saying that nothing matters more than the ingredients in a product. One look at Restorol's ingredients and you realize that you are getting an all natural formulation that has exactly what you need to get the sleep you need.

Restorol has all the following features that not many products can claim:

natural ingredients
Non-Habit Forming
safe & gentle on the body
no prescription needed
proudly made in usa


  • Non-addictive so you can take it every single day
  • No side effects that you get from harsh chemicals
  • No more waking up groggy and tired the whole day
  • Reduces stress
  • No prescription needed!
  • Great customer service


  • We think it's a good thing, but it's not sold in stores
  • Make sure to buy from their official site (click the orange button that says (Try Restorol Here') because there are quite a few knock-offs




Study after study keeps proving how effective melatonin is in regulating a proper sleep-wake cycle. However, you need the proper dosage of Melatonin for that to happen, which Restorol does have. Now, you can ease into a deep peaceful night's slumber.

lemon balm extract

There is a big correlation between every day stress and lack of sleep. Lemon balm acts as a great natural sedative to calm your body and mind without any of the side effects. What it does is boosts the availability of GABA, which alleviates stress, so you get to drift off to sleep with a peaceful clear mind.


L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that elevates levels of GABA, serotonin, and dopamine. This means increased relaxation and lower stress levels to fall asleep easier and stay asleep.


Think of GABA as putting the brakes on your brain to allow your body and mind to wind down and get ready for bed. Plus, it helps in reducing stress, alleviating pain, and putting you in a better mood.


This antioxidant rich ingredient is widely known for its sleep inducing abilities and for good reason, too. It's a great natural herb that with the proper amount really helps calm your body and start you on your way to a great night's rest.


Hops contains nutrients that will help you stay asleep by keeping you calm and relaxed to fight off restlessness. So no more rolling around at night for you!


5-HTP is an amino acid that plays a vital part in maintaining a proper sleep-wake cycle so you get consistent quality sleep day-in and day-out.

passion flower

Passion flower has a long history of combating insomnia. Why? Well, because it works and does so even better with ingredients like GABA and chamomile.

Any Side Effects of Restorol?

As long as you are not allergic to the ingredients you will be great, because you will be waking up everyday without any drowsiness and fully energized.

Again, it is all about the ingredients and the makers of Restorol did not hold anything back when it came to putting in fully dosed, effective, safe, ingredients.

Does Restorol Really Work?

Restorol was created so that you don't just fall asleep fast, but you also stay asleep and feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. No more drowsiness. No drug-induced fog. Just clean, relaxing sleep that gives you the energy you need to tackle the day. And those are the exact results we all got here.